Give The Gift Of Love

Anonymously mail naughty things to your friends

We all have that friend — the one you joke with, who occasionally pranks you, or asks to borrow your xbox then pretends he doesn't have it or some shit, then you're forced to go to his house and take it back. That guy.

So you want to start a prank war or something, but if things escalate it could get all annoying to be pranked all the time. We thought the same thing.

That's why we created Dick In A Box. Using our service, you can anonymously mail that guy a rubber dick... or some micro condoms, or a rubber fist or whatever. Whatever it is, you're guaranteed to be dying inside when he asks if you sent it.

How It Works

You'll need a few bucks, your buddy's address, and a sense of humor. The product links are at the top of the page, so feel free to check them all out.

The crazier of a package you send (pun acknowledged but not intended), the better his reaction will be. Go get'em, tiger!